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The MBA in Health Economics is directed at professionals seeking to optimise their knowledge on this specific field of expertise while continuing to work full-time. This program pursues to highlight, through the systematic and rigorous examination and literature review, the existing conditions and obstacles faced in promoting health for all. Prospective students interested in broadening their scientific horizons and exploring new options, while accelerating their professional evolution, belong in our target group.

Health economics, by theoretical understanding and application of economic theory, aims to identify and explain the behaviour of market factors in decision making. The exploration of theories such as efficiency, disparities, economic recession, cost effectiveness and competition is this program’s main objective. research in this field of study is used to underline how government policies, social inequalities and individuals affect the level of health and well-being of a community or a population. Hence, it proves useful in order to provide alternative solutions to flaming issues and advice decision-makers more efficiently.

The MBA in Health economics provides the opportunity to engage with Greece Health Sector's leading professionals and academics. Our students compose a diverse group of professionals from various health services thus making lectures more interesting. Our program offers the flexibility to pursue the areas of knowledge that are the most suitable to students' goals and challenge them to discover their fullest potential.

By completing the MBA in Health Economics, graduates should be fully prepared to confront the demands of the administrative, economic and research/exploratory departments of the health sector on a national (Ministries, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, research centres e.c) and international level (WHO, World bank, EC, International NGOs). Hence, this program aims to train specialised scientists capable of contributing to the recovery and modernisation of the Health Sector as a whole.


Students, will receive a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens